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January 2016 Parent Compass Newsletter

Happy New Year Compass Parents!
How is God calling YOU to make an impact for CHRIST in your SCHOOL in 2016??

Happy New Year Compass Parents!

How is God calling YOU to make an impact for CHRIST in your SCHOOL in 2016?? (see bottom for challenges from Compass)



What is Compass?

Compass Public School ministry is a church based effort created to make an impact for Christ within our public schools.


Compass Mission

To connect and equip Christian educators, parents and students, empowering them to live their faith confidently, in order to transform our public schools through the love and truth of Jesus Christ.


What were our Compass parents up to in 2015?



    Many of our Compass parents prayed last year for our students, educators and schools.  Moms in Prayer provides a way for moms and grandmas to gather with others from your local school to lift up the needs within your building.  Many of our Compass parents participated in existing programs or started one!



Parents attended one of our quarterly Religious Liberties seminars to get equipped regarding our rights as Christians within our public schools.  During this session, they reviewed our First Amendment to better understand their student's legal rights to express their faith within their school and considered scenarios their student may encounter within their classrooms. Check out this to understand our rights and responsibilities,



    Twenty of you volunteered your time at our 3rd Annual Educator Breakfast in November to support our educators who are on the front lines in our schools.  During this morning 198 educators from 43 districts and three college campuses were equipped and encouraged to live out their faith with confidence in their classrooms and schools.



    Parents and teachers are partnering to start prayer groups and bible studies in our schools.  One example of this is through a program called Good News Clubs.  GNC are a ministry of Child Evangelism Fellowship and are after school bible studies held in classrooms led by parents and teachers.  These groups are starting in schools across the area and many have indicated interest to start one in 2016.



    In partnership with Grace Church, we have served in seven area schools.  In 2015 we added Eagle Heights Spanish Immersion, Southwest High School in Minneapolis, Central Middle School, Forest Hills Elementary and Eden Lake Elementary.  We also partnered with CRU to deliver stocked backpacks to local schools.



    In December a group of public school parents from several districts met to come before the Lord in prayer and seek God's guidance on our role.  We considered the following questions:


  • How can I impact the culture for Christ in my children's schools?
  • How can I support the Christian educators out on the front lines?
  • How can I show the love of Christ to those who don't know Him at my children's schools?
  • How can I build the relationship between church and school, showing the love of Christ by meeting my schools' most basic needs?
  • How can I come alongside my children as they navigate their way through the public school system?
  • What resources would be helpful so that biblical worldview is being taught boldly and unashamedly from home?
  • What do I need to do from home to best prepare and support my students at school?



Highlights from Compass parent meeting…ways parents can make an impact in our schools:

-Build relationships with teachers and administrators

-Impact the culture by volunteering in our schools and classrooms

-Pray regularly for our teachers and administrators

-Understand curriculum, review concerning areas at home

-Encourage our students to participate in Good News Clubs, FCA, Young Life, CRU, student-led bible studies

-Serve in generous ways, showing the love of Christ by meeting our schools' most basic needs

-Be the first and loudest voice in our children's lives by training biblical worldview from home

-Identify Christian leaders within your school, come along side and encourage them

-Take advantage of opportunities to share faith at school through things like holiday traditions

-Assure your student knows their legal rights to express their faith at school






1 - Get involved in Moms in Prayer group at your school.  If one does not exist, start one.  It's easy!  Learn how at


2 - Attend a Religious Liberties Seminar for public school educators and parents at Grace Church - January 10th or March 13th  (see attached).  Learn about our freedoms and pass the information on to your children!


3 - Get more involved in your school.  Build relationships with teachers and administrators, serve, pray, and volunteer whenever possible!


4 - Start a Good News Club and bring the gospel right to your child's elementary school!  Training sessions will be help January 9th and February 27th (see attached).  For more information, go to


5 - Find out how to get more plugged into Compass Ministry.  Join the Compass Team as we look to expand and grow throughout Minnesota as well as across the US!  We need your help!



For His Glory!


The Compass Team

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1 John 4:4 - "You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world."